Keywords: Bifurcation theory, solitary wave solution, periodic wave solution, (2+1 )-. dimensional sine-Gordon equation. 1. Introduction. In recent years, nonlinear 


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Sine gordon equation travelling wave solution

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In this research, the Homotopy-Perturbation Method (HPM) has been used for solving sine-Gordon and coupled sine-Gordon equations, which have a wide range of applications in physics. 2017-11-01 Kink Waves Travelling wave solutions to the sine-Gordon equation for which the quantity c2 − 1 < 0 are called subluminal waves. When c2 − 1 > 0 they are called superluminal waves. We have the following theorem: Theorem 1. Kink wave solutions to equation (1) utt = uxx + … Request PDF | On Jul 3, 2020, S. P. Joseph published TRAVELING WAVE EXACT SOLUTIONS FOR GENERAL SINE-GORDON EQUATION | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate in the form of traveling wave φ(x,t)=U(θ), θ=x−c0t. Then the sine-Gordon equation will take the form (c02−1)Uθθ+sin⁡U=0.

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Exact solutions of the Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation by Li [New kink-shaped solutions and periodic wave solutions for the (2+1)-dimensional Sine-Gordon equation, Appl. Math. Comput. 215 (2009). 3777-3781 ] are analyzed. We have observed that fourteen solutions by Li from thirty do not satisfy the equation. The other sixteen exact solutions

Time-saving video that explains how to find the equation of a sine or cosine wave given a graph. Examples show different transformations and apply a data set  An expansion method based on time fractional Sine-Gordon equation is Compatible fractional traveling wave transform plays a key role to be able to apply time fractional modified KdV equation; exact solution, traveling wave soluti sine-Gordon equation and double sine-Gordon equation, are studied by means of the mapping method we seek its travelling wave solution of the form. (2).

Sine gordon equation travelling wave solution

Sine-wave exciting circuit for quartz vibrating gyroscope. geometry: methods and applications ultradiscrete sine-gordon equation over symmetrized max-plus 

Sine gordon equation travelling wave solution

an insolvent debtor and about the principles and solutions that were stated in ciple of “no punishment without law” (nulla poena sine lege).

Lund University  Every 10-20yrs cycle, there have been waves of collecNve signs that a majority of anomalous electron movement causing/caused by standing wave sensor energy harvester(Ferro Solutions Inc: Jiankang Huang, O'Handley et al), scalar energy component at Maxwell's Equations(around 1880-1900s). Madonna (entertainer). Counties of Sweden.
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Sine gordon equation travelling wave solution

In the paper, we first make the travelling wave In this article, we have applied the Sine-Gordon expansion method for calculating new travelling wave solutions to the potential-YTSF equation of dimension (3+1) and the reaction-diffusion equation. We have found these solutions of the equation in the trigonometric, complex and hyperbolic function forms.

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For the (n + 1)-dimensional sine- and sinh-Gordon equations, by using the approach of dynamical systems to a class of travelling wave solutions, in 21 different regions of a five-parameter space

, only the first solution is meaningful. Thus we have the following travelling wave solution of sine-Gordon equation u = 2arccos[sech z p ¡c]; c < 0: (2.9) Using the identity tan2 u 4 = 1¡cos u 2 1+cos u 2; (2.10) we may write the solution (2.9) in the form u = 4arctan[exp(z p ¡c)]¡…: (2.11) The solutions (2.11) was also given in [7]. Case(2) c0 = c2 2 4c4: We propose a method to deal with the general sine-Gordon equation.

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Exact Solutions > Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations > Second-Order Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations > Sine-Gordon Equation 6. @2w @t2 = a @2w @x2 + bsin(‚w). Sine-Gordon equation. It arises in differential geometry and various areas of physics. 1–. Traveling-wave solutions: w(x,t) = 4 ‚ arctan ‰ exp • ± b‚(kx+„t

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