The numbers in parenthesis are the number of citations listed on MathSciNet. More info is available clicking on names and years. The major prizes that are taken into account are the Fields medal, Abel prize, Breakthrough prize, Chern medal, Ostrowski prize, Gauss prize, Shaw prize, Ralph Schock prize, Wolf prize and Maryam Mirzakhani Prize.


MathSciNet. During the last two decades, methods that originated within mathematical logic have exhibited powerful applications to Banach space theory, 

Sök vidare i DiVA. Av författaren/  MathSciNet (LTU) · MEDLINE Ebsco (LTU) · Merriam Webster's collegiate dictionary · MLA International bibliography (LTU) · NARIC · Nationalencyklopedin  Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy. The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. House of graphs. MathSciNet. IUPAC Gold Book (kemiordbok). MathSciNet täcks av Discoveryportalen, men här kan du även söka på Mathematical Subject Classifications (MSC).


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Matematik  D. Serre, MathSciNet. "I have read the book with great pleasure, and I can recommend it to experts as well as students. It can also be used for reliable and very  Du kan importera mer än 15 referensformat och jämföra med Google Scholar, Springer o MathSciNet. Den levereras också med webbläsartillägg för att  The app creates links from DOIs, MathSciNet references, ACM IDs, and of course URLs. - The app understands elementary LaTeX, so if your  Omfattande litteraturvetenskaplig referens- och fulltextdatabas.

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MathSciNet · Connect. Alternative Title: MathSci net | Math sci net. Allowable Uses: Access is available on and off campus to current McMaster University 

J Optim Theory Appl, 2016, 170: 1–13, MathSciNet Correspondence to x \I W( X r1  BMC Genomics: (alt) · Bluebook (alt1 · alt2) NLM (alt) · MathSciNet (alt ) ISO 4 BMC Genom. Indexing CODEN · JSTOR (alt) · LCCN (alt) MIAR · NLM (alt)  --MATHSCINET.


MathSciNet is a unique database of a scholarly nature of more utility to faculty and graduate students than to undergraduate students. It has an excellent coverage of current mathematics literature providing signed reviews of math articles, conference proceedings and books of mathematics research.


Indexering KODER Â · JSTOR ( alt ) Â · LCCN ( alt ) Matematik. MathSciNet · Oxford Journals · ERIC. Generella databaser. Dessa databaser innehåller olika typer av material från dagstidningsartiklar och böcker till  Web of Science consists of databases containing information gathered from thousands of scholarly journals, books, book series, reports, and more.

go to mobile site · Terms and Conditions. MathSciNet contains approximately 2 million citations (with abstracts from 1979) to the worldwide literature in mathematics and related subjects, published since  MathSciNet. Coverage Dates: Early 1800's - present; Originally 1940 - present. Provider: AMS. Access: In-library and remote access. Off-Campus Access  About this Database: MathSciNet is a comprehensive database covering the world's mathematical literature of the past 61 years. It provides Web access to reviews  3 Feb 2020 MathSciNet provides Web access to the bibliographic data and reviews of mathematical research literature contained in the Mathematical  28 Sep 2020 MathSciNet (AMS) · International mathematical literature, 1940s-present. · For assistance with remote Access/mobile pairing service while off  MathSciNet (AMS).
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MathSciNet MATH Article Google Scholar [78] In the last two decades the anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory (AdS/CFT) correspondence has emerged as a focal point of many research interests. In particular, it functions as a stepping stone Modèle:MathSciNet. Une page de Wikiversité.

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A guide to doing research using MathSciNet, a scientific databaseTable of Contents:00:00 - MathSciNet: An Introduction

On the search results page, mark the references you wish to  9 Jul 2019 IncludeFile databases/mathscinet.txt. Back to top. Mathematical Sciences Publishers · Matthew Bender Online.

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MathSciNet includes expert reviews, personalizable author profiles, and citation information on articles, books, journals, and authors. MathSciNet’s extensive resources can help you both in your graduate research and throughout your math career. Use it to: Quickly get up to speed on a new topic

Länkar till matematiska ämnesportaler: American Mathematical Society Mathscinet review of "Domination of discrete distributed systems" by Afifi, Joundi, Lasri, Magri.